The School Director

  1. Researches, selects and establishes School curricula with the Board Approval.
  2. Serves as a liaison between the school and the Board of Trustees.
  3. Creates academic calendar for the School Sessions.
  4. Standardizes student progress reports.
  5. Maintains accurate student registration information.
  6. Prepares and provides students registration information to respective school principals and teachers.
  7. Prevents curricula, policies or program changes during the academic year.

The School Principals

  1. Plan and oversee school and students activities during school hours. ISGVF Weekend Islamic School
  2. Maintain discipline during school hours.
  3. Conduct and arrange school assembly.
  4. Evaluate and place students in appropriate grade level.
  5. Communicate information with all school staff members.
  6. Hold meeting with school staff (class teachers, assistant teachers and volunteers).
  7. Arrange volunteer substitute teachers as needed.
  8. Communicate School info and student progress with parents.
  9. Avoid changing curricula, policies or programs during the academic year.

The Assistant Principals

  1. In the absence of the Principal, assumes the School Principal’s responsibilities.
  2. Assist the Principal in discharging the school responsibilities and organizing school events.