About Us


The Islamic Society of Greater Valley Forge (ISGVF) strives to promote good will, understanding and fellowship among Muslims, and promote the understanding of Islam.

History of ISGVF


The Islamic Society of Greater Valley Forge, ISGVF, was established by Muslim families residing in the greater Valley Forge area.

The Society was registered with the State of Pennsylvania.

  • Members rented the Upper Merion Cultural Center located on Moore Road in King of Prussia to meet once a week.
  • Weekly activities at the cultural center included teaching children Qur’an and Islamic Studies.  Adult Dars-e-Qur’an sessions were also held. The weekly meetings would conclude with a nice potluck dinner.


The Society started searching for a permanent home as the ISGVF community grew and held its first fundraising event.


As its membership grew ISGVF started renting facilities at Rosemont College, in Villanova, to meet and hold weekend school classes.

While the Society was looking for a permanent place to move in, it rented various places to perform Jumma prayer and Taraweeh prayers. In the Holy month of Ramadan, it invited Huffaz from various countries to lead Taraweeh Prayers.


The Society located and purchased 958 N. Valley Forge Rd, Devon PA to establish a permanent home.

The property was a farm house with a residential zoning on 4.99 acres of land. The property required several modifications before it could be used as a public place. The Society went through various township hearings for zoning changes.


The Society converted the residential house into a public place by modifying and renovating various features of the building. An in and out driveway, a parking facility for 24 car parking and a storm water retention basin was constructed to comply with the township requirements.

All work was completed in November 1995 and ISGVF officially moved into the new place and started holding all its programs there.


ISGVF started exploring various options for expanding the current facility to accommodate the needs of its growing community. It held annual fundraising events for raising funds for the future expansion plans.


Plans were finalized to build a bigger facility and an expanded parking lot in the back of the existing building. Architectural and Engineering companies were hired to design the project. Various local, county and state permits were obtained and approvals received.


The ground breaking for the new building was held on August 2.


Alhamdulillah, the present new facility was completed and inaugurated on June 5. Since then all the Masjid and Weekend School main events are held in the in the new building.

Organization & Policies

  • The Society is a Tax Exempt Organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code.
  • The Society comprises of a General Assembly, Board of Trustees and an Executive Council.
  • The Society has several committees including but not limited to: Interfaith, Cemetery, Zakat, Parking.
  • The serving members of the organization are volunteers.
  • The Society shall not carry on activities not permitted for a Tax Exempt Organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code or a corresponding section of a future Federal Tax  Code.
  • The Society shall not be affiliated with any government or political party of this or any other  nation.
  • The Society shall operate on a non-profit basis. All monies collected shall be used for the aforementioned objectives. No part shall be used for the personal benefit of its members, officers, or trustees.
  • The Society shall follow the lunar calendar established by the Islamic Fiqh Council/ Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) for all religious events and holidays.
  • The Society shall hold an annual General Assembly meeting in December for electing the new Executive Council and Board of Trustees members, and for providing the Society’s status report.
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