Peace Academy

Peace Academy actively engages in your child(ren)’s day-to-day reading of the Quran. Our teachers ensure each child has their attention to be successful based on the individual learning styles and abilities. In a personalized learning environment setting, our goal is to inspire and educate students to achieve not only the highest levels of Quran knowledge, but, also to bring out a successful Huffaz in them. Individualized learning plan with the support of their family results in this great achievement, insha’Allah. By closing the gaps in knowledge with one-on-one and personalized attention, students receive the encouragement they need to ensure success.


  1. To facilitate Quran education to obtain Hafizul Quran
  2. To provide quality Islamic education
  3. To preserve the Muslim identity of the student and cultivate in them a love for Islam
  4. To provide an enriched and healthy social and educational environment
  5. To motivate our students to strive for excellence and reach their full potential
  6. To encourage cooperation between the home, school, and community

General Curriculum

Peace Academy consists of three classes for Boys and Girls

  • Qaida – Level 1
  • Qaida – Level 2
  • Nazira
  • Quran Memorization – Level 1
  • Quran Memorization – Level 2
  • Two classes for Adults (21+ years)

Qaida / Nazira: Age: 4+ years:

Part Time Hifz: Age: 7+ years and should be able to read Quran.

Beginner Hafiz: Age: 6+ years and should be able to read Quran (Fluent & Independently, should have completed Quran at least once).

Timings: Tuesdays and Thursdays – 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The terms and conditions

Please make ACH payable to “ISGVF”, noted Peace Academy.

If anyone else is authorized to pick up the child, please provide their full name. Children will only be released upon verification of ID.
Parent(s) should pick up the children promptly at the end of each class. Academy is not responsible for children after class ends.

Consent: I acknowledge that I am responsible for checking homework every week and help him/her/them study at home for the assignments, tests and attend the parent-teachers meeting to review my children’s progress. By signing this form I also acknowledge that the Imam/Academy administrator’s decision will be the final word regarding my child’s promotion to the next level.

Release of Claim: I hereby release Academy, its Board, the Executive Council, the School Administration and the Organizers of Special Events (collectively called “ISGVF” from here on) from all actions, damages, claims or demands which I, my heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns may have against ISGVF for all personal injuries or loss of property known or unknown which me or my dependents (children, grandchildren, spouse, parents, guests and children under my guardianship) have or may occur by our use of ISGVF property or participating in ISGVF activities.

For Details : Download Handbook